“It’s a better plan, when we fall apart, we’ll come back again…as a work of art.”

-MUTEMATH “Work of Art”

I am Jackie Hershman.

I am an artist now currently based out of Washington, D.C. By day, I am a design researcher and service designer. By night, I am excavating my love for my artwork.

My love for my work has been hidden for awhile. Design was the safe way to stay close to art, but still be guaranteed more immediate success (statistically anyway). Drawing and painting is what I started with. For as far back as my memory will allow, I always remember drawing something, or trying to teach myself how to draw.  Painting came into my life later as a teenager. I was hesitant about starting painting because I had never done it before and felt like I was not going to be good at it. Over time, I practiced a lot and then was fortunate enough to be in classes in college where I was able to get very helpful tutelage from my professors.


I went away from art for awhile, mostly so I could practice design and that was the encouraged route for me. I always had a not-so underlying feeling that I was abandoning something that I really loved doing, despite criticisms of not being skillful or creative enough. So, here I am, ready to share with the world again what I love to do. It’s going to be a journey and always a work in progress.