“I think what is striking about that painting is the hipster, lumberjack beard becomes ancient greek when you give it the monochrome treatment. It becomes marble.
What makes it epic is you’ve suddenly situated the guy in world history.”

I don’t think Darren King really needed my help getting situated in history. He is one of the most talented drummers alive and and he has such magnetic energy, talent, graciousness, and passion.
I wasn’t planning on showing this painting until all of the portraits were done but, it ended up being very fitting that I started with Darren’s portrait first in this series of MUTEMATH portraits because this week Darren is playing on Late Night with Seth Meyers and is playing his own solo show in New York City. It’s sure to be an incredible week for him!
This is an oil on canvas painting that is 24″x 24″ I utilized a monochrome palette using ivory black and titanium white. The background was done in neutral grays using phthalo blue, alizarin crimson, and cadmium yellow medium.
Stay tuned for the other portraits! Time to start Paul Meany which is already…

…a work in progress…