Due to the fact that I was going to be gone for two straight weeks on vacation, I tried to figure out something I could make with that time. I wasn’t keen on being away from my easel for two weeks and not do anything else to keep me productive.

About three days before I was supposed to leave, I got the idea of possibly painting some Mutemath themed Chuck Taylors. I would paint them with acrylic fabric paint, which is much easier to travel with, AND I was going to see them in concert and I figured it would be something fun to wear and show off! I decided to put their four full length album covers on the shoes, one cover on either side. It was going to be a lot of work, but I didn’t know just how much work. It took me 40 hours to make these shoes in time for the concert! They took a tremendous amount of work to get them as detailed as possible. I really wanted to get these shoes right since I was painting their album covers on it. I really hoped they would see them when I shared them on social media and that the fans would like them too.

And boy did they ever! I got SO many compliments, messages, and tweets that I didn’t know what to do! It was overwhelming. But the best part, thanks with the help of a friend, these shoes got me backstage to meet the band! I was elated! And they are just the nicest, most gracious people in the business! It was such an honor. And something I will never forget!