Nothing But Thieves are a British rock band from Essex. I discovered them (and ultimately fell in love with them) when they supported Mutemath in February of 2016. I knew I wanted to make a pair of Chuck Taylors inspired by them, but I wanted to wait for a new album so I had more album artwork to work off of. 
I took on a whole new challenge with these shoes for several reasons. The obvious one being the portrait work. I had to fit all five on the shoes. I make the first versions to fit my feet and my feet are not very big so I have a small surface area to work with. The portraits were the last thing I tackled on these shoes. I was working up the courage to get them done while I was working on the rest of the shoes. The paint brushes I had to use were the smallest ones I have in my collection of brushes. The brush work got to be so small at one point it almost felt like I wasn’t painting anymore. The portraits took a few tries to get right. I was thankful that the fabric paint is acrylic so it dries quickly. It allowed me to fix or redo details in a matter of minutes. 
The other difficult part to these shoes is just simply the artwork aesthetic of the band. Leading up to this point, I had been doing shoes with bands that have more illustrative aesthetics to their album artwork which makes it easier to replicate with paint. Nothing But Thieves’ aesthetic utilizes clean photographic compositions in most of their artwork. I had to make sure that I was very clean and purposeful with my color mixing and brush work on the shoes to maintain that clean, sophisticated look. These shoes have been my biggest challenge to date, but the fans and the band loved them!