Recycled Percussion Shoes

By commission only

These shoes were a surprise project for a friend that plays in the band painted on these shoes. The band is called “Recycled Percussion” from New Hampshire. Each shoe shows the two primary band members: Justin (founder of the band) and Ryan. 
The band has spent the majority of their career performing their own show in Las Vegas. The show focuses on them drumming on pretty much everything except actual drums! They make music with buckets, ladders, toys, and even their own bodies. 
Since 2017, they have been directing and producing their own show called “Chaos & Kindness” (shown on the outside of the shoe). The show focuses on giving back and making a difference to people, families, and communities that need it. 
It is refreshing in this day and age to see artists using their platform for good. In the case of Recycled Percussion, a lot of good. They aren’t exclusive with , they try to make a difference in many different people’s lives. 
The red and blue were a common color scheme amongst their aesthetic and it was used to tie the rest of the color schemes on the shoes together. 
It took awhile to figure out the design of the shoes. Once I was able to figure out what I wanted to place on the shoes, the painting came together quickly. The band loved them, and so did their fans!