Utah Jazz Inspired Shoes

Commissioned shoes

These shoes were a commission as a gift. Utah Jazz basketball team was the gift recipients’ favorite basketball team. John Stockton (who played from 1984 to 2003) and Karl Malone (who played from 1985 to 2003) were his role models growing up. 
He liked sports teams where the players show talent, teamwork, and most importantly, sportsmanship. 
I was given some inspirational images to get me thinking about these shoes and to think about what I should include. I wanted to show close portraits on one side of the shoe and then focus on an action shot on the other side of the shoe. There were two primary color schemes during the time they played. That allowed me to figure out the color palette for either side. 
I used the blue-purple, orange, and turquoise color scheme for the outside of the shoe. I used the violet, green, and yellow color palette for the inside of the shoe. 

The orange on the back stripe balanced out the two different violet color palettes. The tongue of the shoe was painted a light blue ombre to connect with the light blue on the outside of the shoe. The ombre also gave it additional dimension than being one, flat color. 
These ended up being really fun to make. I ended up learning a lot about this team and these players in order to capture the love and passion the gift recipient had for this team.