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New Shoes for a New Store Opening!

After I had moved to Washington, D.C. I didn’t know where to pick up with my work. I had a lot of stresses with moving and I was too mentally exhausted to start with oil painting. I wanted to do something outside of my own wants as an artist and be able to gift something to someone else.

My good friend, who I have done other projects for, had a long-time, very exciting project development in the works. The short of it is: they have their own brand that emphasizes being kind and compassionate to people. It also promotes having fun and doing crazy things because…well…life is short. This idea culminates into a brand name called Chaos & Kindness. It started out as small brand idea, promoting philanthropic acts. It then expanded into a TV show shown locally in the New England area. The TV show started off with 10 episodes in its first year. That grew to about two episodes a month in its second year. Welcoming in the new year of 2019, they now do one episode a week! Each showing something different in terms of the Chaos – performing stunts, pulling pranks, and just generally causing silly-ness wherever they go – and showing the Kindness – visiting nursing homes, visiting children with terminal illnesses. It’s an incredible breath of fresh air in todays saturated media market that focuses on negativity and divisiveness.

Yesterday, after a year of planning and construction they opened their first store front! This isn’t just like any other store where it is just retail shopping. They have created an entire experience within the store that encompasses the Chaos & Kindness principles. They have fun activities on the Chaos side, and activities focusing on giving and receiving kindness.

I had known about the store for awhile. I also knew how much work was going on behind-the-scenes about what it was taking to get this store together. In order to honor all of the amazing work that they have done, I decided I was going to make four new pairs of Recycled Percussion/Chaos and Kindness shoes based on their new branding! They were meant for their fans. I made them so that they can be used for the store, as a fundraiser, as a giveaway…whatever it was that they wanted to do with them!

The shoes were placed on a shelf in the store this past weekend, they were even spotted in a TV media spot! I didn’t do this for the glory or recognition, I did it for the kindness of it all. I know they work so hard for the good of so many other people and I wanted to show them through my own hard work that it is deeply appreciated. I know intimately what it is like to feel like you give and give to so many other people, but don’t get much gratitude in return. That’s what the effort in these shoes was about, giving back gratitude in effort…and a lot of paint!

I wish all the success that I know is coming their way, hopefully, people will be inspired to stop, slow down their lives a bit and be reminded to be kind to others as well as be kind to themselves.

“In a World Full of Chaos, it is Important to Show Your Kindness.”