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About three weeks ago I was given a challenge by a friend of mine to make a piece in seven days and then sell it in seven days. Well, me being a person that actually thrives on a challenge I wanted to see if I could push myself to do more than just one piece. It quickly came to me when I looked at my canvas holder in my studio that I needed to use the challenge to complete two paintings that I had never finished from three-plus years ago. I tried doing these paintings at a time where I wasn’t really confident in my skill as a portrait painter. I was asked if I could do a painting of Stevie Nicks by a friend of mine who idolizes Stevie. The idea intrigued me, so I purchased the canvas and started on a sketch. At the time, I had received some harsh criticism that I was not a good portrait painter. I put the canvas aside and did not look at it until last month.
The same thing happened with this Harley-Davidson painting. I was asked to paint this as a gift for someone, but my self doubts about it looking “perfect” overwhelmed my mind and I never finished it.

Thanks to my friend who has figured me out to the point where the know I need pressure to get myself out of my own head, I was able to finish BOTH of these pieces in a week. I was also able to sell them to the people who originally asked! They were both so happy that I completed these pieces. I am very happy that they will enjoy these pieces.

I had a ton of ideas for this challenge, but at the end of the day, it was important to finally complete projects that I started. I had to prove to my old self that I was able to complete these pieces and I do have the skill to complete them. I also like to see things through to the end. It was rewarding for me to see these two paintings see a finish line.