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“It’s a change of lifestyle…I have to be ready to jump on inspiration rather than just ignore it.”

-Joe Langridge-Brown – Nothing But Thieves

Hello there! I’m Jackie…or JJ…or J…my family and friends like to call me all three. I am a design researcher and strategist by day and a visual artist by night. While they seem separate, one has always inspired the other. I thought for many years that they needed to be treated as separate ideas, but I have found that if one informs the other, your possibilities are limitless. Artwork made me discover design, and design allowed me to structure my art business in a more effective way.

I also love music. I am not a musician myself, but I am always inspired by how the music scene evolves and easily accessible it is to learn about new artists. Whenever I feel like I’m stagnant in my own work, I always go see a live show. The artist can be local, or a big name, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter to me, is seeing new interpretations of music and a live performance. You’ll find this influences my fine artwork in particular.  

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Darren King painted portrait


I primarily work in oil on canvas. I enjoy the qualities and the characteristics of how oil behaves. It requires me to be patient.
Mutemath Converse Chuck Taylors

Specialty Work

I like to use my skill set on other types of surfaces. Lately, the surface I have been working on is shoes.
Design Work

Design Research

Design research takes on many forms and is designed to be flexible to uncovering insights to a particular question. Methodologies I have worked on range from one-on-one interviews, focus groups, co-design sessions, and prototype sessions. The most rewarding part about research for me, is learning about what people care about most. 


Nothing beats visualizing ideas, questions, and problems on paper and whiteboards. Visualizing any thoughts through words, doodles, and sketches achieves alignment faster than any other method. I’ve made journey maps, blue prints, storyboard sketches, and meeting visualizations to achieve this goal. 

Workshop Development

Workshops can range from simple discussion sessions to complex ideation and strategy sessions. The goal in every workshop is to achieve optimum alignment and understanding. Trying to encourage everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and concerns is paramount to having an entire business team being invested in a project or solution. 


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